Can My Creditor Take Me To Court?

If you owe money to a creditor (that is, a company you have borrowed money from previously) it is possible at some stage (usually after a long pursuit of repayment of the money owed) they may try to take you to court.

This page offers clarity on the matter & useful information for if it is you or a friend in this position.

Is It Possible For My Creditor(s) To Take Me To Court?

The short answer is yes: however this is subject to certain measures that should be taken by the creditor before commencement of any court proceedings, a creditor would generally not just issue a “court summons” nor would they necessarily have such powers to do this.

What Would A Creditor Do Before Court Proceedings?

Before beginning court proceedings, a company you owe money to (the creditor) must send you a warning letter. The letter should clearly state that unless you pay back what you owe, they will start legal action within a certain amount of time, this is very important and a general requirement (without such documentation, commonly known as a “default notice” then it’s possible that court action may not be able to go ahead).

You may also get what is commonly called a “claim form” which is basically a declaration from the creditor stating what they believe you owe them (the amount), it is the duty of yourself and the creditor to attempt to resolve the issue without it reaching court proceedings, however you can also make use of a debt solutions company ( in order to provide services that may help you not only resolve these creditor issues, but clear your debts’ completely (contact us for more information on how we may be able to help you become debt free).

How Can I Resolve These Issues With Creditors Without Going To Court?

If you can reach an agreement on a repayment plan with your creditors’ then this can eliminate the need for any court action or legal proceedings.

Many people find the prospect of this daunting and therefore would rather make use of the services of a debt management firm ( or other third party experts with experience in dealing with these issues.

Of course another way to resolve the problem is the obvious one: repay the debt, however many people financially are not in a position to do this and therefore find themselves in a situation where they need to look for outside help, if this is you: don’t panic & don’t feel ashamed, debt issues have befallen the best of us, and landing on this page could be the first step to you taking action, becoming debt free, and in time looking back on this situation with relief that you took that first step to clearing away your debts and improving your credit rating.

I Have A Creditor Trying To Take Me To Court For A Debt I Don’t Owe

If you dispute the debt they are claiming you owe then you will need to clarify this with the creditor asking for “proof of debt”.

I Owe Money To A Creditor & I Want Help

If you are in debt & are being chased by creditors’ & you want help from a third party, feel free to contact us now using the form on our website, we offer a free assessment of your debts & we have professionals who are willing and able to help you no matter what your personal circumstances happen to be, swift and confidential.

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