Cabot Financial – Being Chased? Can I Wipe This Debt?

Many people at the moment are reporting being pursued by ‘Cabot Financial’ for debts, this page will show you how this situation can be improved whilst avoiding debt drama (bailiff visits, creditor chasing and other things making you lose sleep) (Help is at hand).

Cabot financial are a debt collection agency (part of the Cabot credit management group) that can purchase debts from creditors and chase for repayment of these debts over time, they are a business that aims to profit from debt recovery.

Cabot Financial

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If your debt is sold to Cabot Financial Ltd (the debt collection agency), (a major part of the ‘business process’ is to purchase debts from creditors) you are likely to be chased for repayment and this chasing and the struggle to repay this money is what many people are losing sleep over and are looking for a serious solution.

In the upper section of this page there is information on Cabot and what they tend to do and lower down there is information on debt solutions to deal with this debt, we suggest reading through this page to gain a better understanding of any issues you may be having at the moment (and some of the unfortunate goings on in the ‘credit management’ industry at this time).

What Cabot Financial Tend To Do With Debt

Companies like Cabot tend to target any type of business that has people that owe them money, so this will include mobile phone companies, catalogue companies, other general creditors such as small personal loan providers and other types of credit.

The will contact them and present themselves as a debt purchasing company, purchase outstanding debts of a set criteria from these companies’ and then pursue the recovery of these debts to generate as much money as possible.

They will have regular meetings with staff to discuss the best approach to recovering the most amount of debt at the most efficient rate.

I Have Cabot Financial Chasing Me For Debt Repayment & I’m Struggling!

There is no requirement for you to let this situation get out of control, and no need for you to be paralyzed in fear and losing sleep, on this page we will give you options for you to deal with bailiff hassle and chasing, general creditor chasing, and ultimately wipe clear this debt, so read on below.

How Can I Deal With Chasing From Cabot Financial?

The option for if you have the available funds:

If you are being chased for debts you are able to repay (circumstances allowing) you may wish to deal with Cabot to set up a repayment schedule, at this point, many of you will be thinking, “thats’ not a possibility for me” or “the repayments are not sustainable” or “I have other debt commitments that make this impossible” or another similar problem, don’t panic, just read on.

Debt Solution To Deal With Cabot Financial Debts

There is a debt solution that can help you with debts from this debt purchasing business (Cabot) and other ones like it, this debt solution can halt creditor hassle, stop bailiffs chasing you, rearrange your debt repayments from what they are now to one, low monthly debt repayment (and you only have to pay the debt for 60 months or less after which the remainder of the debt will be cleared).

This government supported debt solution is known as the IVA which can protect you from bailiff and creditor hassle and help you to remove your debt over the time period mentioned above.

It can also help with county court judgements and other legal issues relating to debt repayment.

How Does An IVA Help With Cabot Financial Debts?

Your debt repayments (should you decide to enter into an individual voluntary arrangement) become consolidated meaning that the monthly contributions (as debt repayments) are made much more manageable.

The creditor chasing and (if applicable) bailiff visits stop because with an IVA an interim order can be included which is a legal injunction that protects you from creditor and bailiff hassle (this is put in place at the early stages of an IVA).

In actual fact an IVA can help you with all your personal unsecured debts, so if you have several debts this is what the IVA was designed for, so don’t let the issue of escalating debts stop you from getting an IVA.

You can check your eligibility for an IVA by taking either our free debt test OR our free debt assessment & this will notify you as to whether or not we can help with your situation.

Will Cabot Financial Take Me To Court?

Generally debt collection firms use court action for more advanced cases, however there is no way to know if this company will take you to court, however, you will receive warnings before any court action is initiated (this is important for legal reasons), so keep checking your mail (don’t bury your head).

This will be dependent on a number of different factors, we recommend either contacting us to discuss potential debt solutions, the IVA has within it a legal injunction that can protect you from court action and court orders and other types of debt recovery measures involving legal action.

To enquire on a no obligation basis use take a free debt assessment with our expert advisers.

Who Do Cabot Collect For?

Cabot will collect for a variety of different creditors whom they have purchased debt from, they are known to collect for MBNA, Scottish Power, NPower, First Utility, and DVLA, for credit card debt, utility bills, and car related bills but there will be other types of debt they collect for also, likely for credit cards, loans and other unsecured personal debts.

Can They Send Bailiffs?

It is possible for people who act as people pursuing a debt to send bailiffs, however if this is the case unless the bailiff has a warrant or a writ issued by the court it is not obligatory to grant a bailiff entry to your home, as long as the home is secure (doors and windows closed) the bailiff will not legally be able to gain entry without a warrant or writ.

If you are not able to repay the debt, there are debt solutions that can help you with these debts, if you are worried about court action, CCJs or bailiff hassle you may wish to contact us to find out more about a government supported debt solution: The IVA, which can help you get out of debt without having to deal with your creditors or bailiffs directly, a representative is provided for this and other matters.

Is It Likely I’ll Be Able To Negotiate With This Company?

Many debt collection companies acknowledge that people are struggling with finances, and it is in their interests to be sensitive to this in many cases.

Remember: these companies’ are there to collect debts, if the pressure for repayment escalates to such a degree where an individual were to go bankrupt, this would be counter-productive because the chances of getting repayments over time would diminish under a bankruptcy arrangement, so many debt collection agencies choose to be flexible and negotiate with people in debt.

As for Cabot this would likely be a case of ‘how much do you owe and how long have you owed it, and have we had repayments to date?’ these tend to be the  main factors from one debt collection firm to the next as to the question of ‘How negotiable they are for repayments and other issues’.

Am I Doomed If I’m Being Chased For Debts By This Company?

Not at all, there are too many people in debt who assume ‘all is lost’ and there is nothing they can do about their current situation, this is simply not the case, and no matter how large your debt there is nearly always a solution to it.

The main thing to remember with your debts are, you’re not the only person in this position, and talking about the problem instead of ‘burying your head in the sand’ so to speak is the first step to dealing with these problems.

We discuss your debts with you on a confidential, no obligation basis, to assess if there is a way for us to help you.

Whatever you’re going through with your debts: don’t panic, there is no reason to allow your money worries to affect your mental health, remember there are solutions that can help you and there is no penalty or obligation for applying, you can make contact on a confidential (we don’t tell anyone your business don’t worry) no obligation basis today. We are ready to help.

Should you decide to write to Cabot credit management here is the public contact address: Address: 1 Kings Hill Ave, Kings Hill, West Malling ME19 4UA, which is the registered office.

Should you have other items for discussion about Cabot credit management you can contact the financial conduct authority for further help with any issues you may be experiencing, Citizens advice can also offer help should you just need someone impartial to discuss matters with.

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