How To Stop Bailiffs: Ways To Halt The Hassle

One question on the minds of many people in debt is “how to stop bailiffs chasing me?” or “how to stop bailiff visits?” and other similar questions.

Quick Tip: When bailiffs turn up you don’t have to let them enter your home, if you suspect you are due a visit from a bailiff, make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked & unless they have a special warrant for entry, you are under no obligation to enable them access.

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On this page we have all the information you’ll need & be assured there are ways in which bailiffs can be dealt with and your debts made manageable.

How Can We Stop Bailiff Hassle?

There are different ways to halt hassle from bailiffs, that includes letters’, threats’ and visits.

(1) Communicate with the bailiffs to arrange a payment plan – now this can be an awkward approach because some debt recovery agencies are not as co-operative as others, and it also depends on the nature of the debt itself.
(2) Make contact with “debt help experts” (we can help you) in order to have your debts managed by experienced professionals that are able to halt hassle from creditors, freeze interest & charges on outstanding debts & help make debt repayments more manageable (also in many cases it may be possible to write off a large portion of the debt).
(3) If you have the money you can repay the debt (obvious option).

What Can Bailiffs Do If They Visit?

Bailiffs have limited powers once they visit your home (unless it’s an extreme situation where bailiffs have obtained a court order to use “reasonable force” to enter your home, but they would still need to produce a warrant as proof).

Bailiffs cannot force entry without a special warrant (court order) and it is rare that such a warrant is issued (extreme circumstances).

One thing to be careful of is garage doors, sheds’ and other areas the Bailiffs may be able to gain access to, because if there is a point of entry that is left unlocked they can legally use this as a way to gain access to the property, so as stated above be very careful if you’re expecting a bailiff visit.

They are allowed to do the following:

(1) If they have managed to gain access they can stay in the property as long as they need
(2) They can seize belongings and return at a later date to collect (however they must give you 2 days notice of entry and a letter of intent).
(3) Enter the property if invited in by an adult over the age of 16
(4) Seize goods for collection

They are NOT allowed to do the following:

(1) Climb over fences, walls or other barriers
(2) Enter a home between 9pm and 6am
(3) Enter a home where there is no one else (a child under 16 or an elderly or sick individual) is present other than a vulnerable person
(4) Force their way past you once you answer the door, under no circumstances can a bailiff assault or use any force against a human being, this is strictly against the law.
(5) Take items that do not belong to the person who is in debt (they can’t take items from people other than the person who owes the money).

How Debt Management Can Help Stop Bailiffs?

With a debt management plan you have an expert on hand to manage your debts for you. This means that any creditors, bailiffs and other people chasing you for debts now have a new point of contact: the debt management team (get in touch with us for more information and a free debt review).

Within a debt management arrangement the adviser’ will act as a representative to deal with your creditors’ on your behalf (& this includes dealing with bailiff action as a part of this responsibility) to give you peace of mind.

There are experts on hand that have years of experience in dealing with the exact worries you are facing right now, you can make contact with us on a no obligation basis for a confidential chat about your situation & we can present some options to help.

What If Bailiffs Are Chasing Me Over Income Tax Debt?

This can also be stopped, but this would required entering into an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) which is a more formal arrangement than a debt management plan but also very effective.

Simply put, an IVA is an arrangement between yourself, (the person in debt), the insolvency practitioner and your creditors to pay off a manageable amount of money over a period of time (usually 60 months) after which the debt is classed as settled, this often results in large portions of debt being written off.

What If Bailiffs Are Chasing Me About Council Tax Arrears?

This can also be stopped, generally council tax can be included with a debt management plan and re-negotiated with the HMRC. We have staff that have experience in dealing with council tax arrears, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation chat about your debts & free review.

How An IVA Can Help Stop Bailiff Hassle?

An IVA is an even more formal debt solution than a debt management plan, it is a legally binding debt solution which gives it extra powers in keeping debtors and creditors’ bound to an agreement, it is a government-backed plan that gives those who stick to the arrangement peace of mind.

Basically within an IVA you are given an appointed representative who deals with the creditors’ on your behalf in order to halt further pursuit of the debt from the creditors’ (this will generally include bailiff action) and there is usually a new repayment plan put in place that is worked back from your monthly incomings and outgoings to make sure that the new plan is affordable to you.

It is an arrangement that can help with huge amounts of debt an even write of large amounts of money owed but it is an arrangement that must be kept to and taken seriously.

What Happens If I Get A Debt Management or IVA Company To Help?

Once you have engaged the services of a debt management firm to help with your debts (we can do this for you) and you have signed the paperwork, the company will get to work on dealing with all creditors including debt collection agencies and you will be under no obligation to deal with these companies’ from that point onwards, your debts are now being managed by a third party on your behalf as part of the service (get in touch with us to find out more).

How Fast Can I Get Help To Stop Bailiffs?

The sooner you make contact with our staff the sooner we can assess options available to help you, the important thing is how quickly you take action: it is not recommended to just ignore bailiffs and “bury your head”, there is help available that can not only manage your debts, but get your life back on track so you can resume your normal life as soon as possible.

When dealing with bailiffs & looking for ways to prevent unwanted activity from bailiffs, you have no need to suffer in silence, there are experienced professionals out there who are willing and able to help you stop hassle from bailiffs and get back on track to a debt free life.

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